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Blue Star Nursery Warranty

Our nursery stock is Conditional Warrantied until November 1st of the year purchased.

** If a plant or tree dies & was purchased at full price, we will gladly replace it ONE TIME (if available) or give a Store Credit on the amount paid. Simply return the plant with your cash register receipt. We are sorry, but there are no exceptions to this rule; Therefore, please save your receipt! **

This warranty has no cash value.

Terms of Warranty:

  • No warranty applies to Sale, Discounted, Clearance or Wholesaled plants.
  • No warranty applies to Grasses, Perennials, Succulents & plants that are planted in Decorative Pots.
  • No warranty applies for Animal damage (Deer, Dogs, Cats, etc.), Insect damage, and acts of nature (drought/hail/winter kill).
  • No warranty applies to any plant which has been damaged due to poor plant maintenance. This includes: improper handling, watering too much/too little, misuse of fertilizer or chemical application.
  • Drainage is essential – Divert downspouts, sump pump discharge and excessive water away from the planting area.
  • If our Planting Instructions are not followed.
  • Delivery and other charges are excluded.


It is normal for plants to experience some stress for a period after planting, which can be shown through wilting, limited new growth, small leaves, or loss of colour on foliage. This is typically caused by “transplant shock”; which is a sudden change to the plant’s environment, including light conditions, watering frequency, and root disturbance. Please remember that a plant is a living organism and needs some time to adjust to their new home. With frequent watering, appropriate fertilizing, and with time, the root system will establish itself and any plant that is experiencing transplant shock should recover well.

The success of our nursery stock depends on conditions beyond our control. We, therefore, encourage you to seek our advice should your plant be struggling, before considering removing it from the ground and returning it. Do not dig up and bring in plant material, this will void your warranty. We encourage you to please contact us at with a current photo to get advice, your plant may still be alive! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask the Blue Star Nursery Staff. The goal of this policy is to aid in customer success & satisfaction.

Thank you for your patronage and business!